Trade Effluent Monitoring

With Warren Jones being one of the heritage products of Servitech we have always been involved with trade effluent monitoring applications, this has grown over recent years with the acquisition of TEME and Kestrel Environmental.

These companies have added to our knowledge and customer base and we continue to install, repair and maintain monitoring packages that will help you meet your compliance and discharge consents and provide your local trade effluent officers with the samples and data that they require.

trade effluent package 1

Trade Effluent package 4

Typical packages include: –

Automatic samplers: We review the requirements for your site and your consenting authority and provide various options of sampler that meet with your needs, whether these are fixed or portable, refrigerated, composite, discreet, timed or flow proportional.

Flow monitoring: We review your application and select the best technology for your site, whether this be in pipe or open channel, and will specify and install the appropriate system and gauging structure, using MCERTS products and solutions where required.

Quality monitoring: Depending on your consent you may be required to have continuous monitors for different parameters such as pH, Turbidity, Ammonia, COD and so on. We have a vast wealth of experience in this area and work directly with most of the consenting authorities on their own final effluent so are able to specify and install these types of instruments and many more.

Contact us with your requirements and we will work together to create the best solution that meets your needs……