The right product for the right application, every time! This is the philosophy that Servitech applies to every application that is presented to us.

  • Do you have a monitoring requirement?
  • Do you know what parameter you need to measure?
  • Do you know what types of instrument are available?
  • How can you be sure you are getting the ‘right product for the right application, every time?’

Bring your application to Servitech and we will take the hard work and uncertainty out of your instrumentation choice, by surveying the market for you and advising which instrument is best suited to perform the measurement you require in your particular application.

consultancy 1Our independent position in the market place means we can select from all of the available brands to bring you the ‘best of breed’ products for every parameter.

Best of breed does not mean it is the cheapest product but it does mean that its technical ability is proven and its ‘whole life cost’ has been assessed to determine its suitability for the application in question.

Servitech’s independent approach, versus a specific instrument manufacturer, is to look at all the available options and advise which instrument is the best solution to your problem.

Once the preferred solution has been decided upon we can then take the stress out of completing your project.

Utilising our experience in systems integration, installation and commissioning, Servitech can handle your instrumentation project from start to finish. One supplier with the widest choice and ultimately, the best solution!

Call us today to discuss your application requirements.